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Initiative Steps are Given Below:

  • Women Empowerment
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Skill Training
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Protecting Human Rights

Women empowerment embedded in Bazaar Konnections. An article by Arvind Panagariya, previous Chief Economist at the Asian Development Bank recommends that the Fashion manufacturing industry is an incredible chance to make great quality, formal employment – particularly for India’s diminishing female labor force.


Bazaar Konnections believe in women empowerment. Supporting female workforce to reach their potential professionally through holistic support and soft skill training within our factories and at our training centers.

Women Empowerment

Protecting Human Rights

We resolutely conform to local laws regarding working hours, pay, and rights, with a zero-tolerance policy on forced labor, child labor, forced overtime and abuse of any kind. Our internal compliance standards go much further, incorporating global best practices and the compliance standards of our global buyers to create a work environment that is safe and comfortable for our workers. Our comprehensive safety procedures include the provision of adequate safety equipment, training on fire safety, machine-specific training and regular building checks. Several worker-management committees ensure workers’ voices are heard by management on every issue.

Bazaar Konnections contributed to help India fight against COVID-19. Bazaar Konnections manufactured face masks and distributed hand sanitizers to all the workers and staff at Bazaar Konnections and also to front line warriors at Hospitals.


Fight Against Covid-19

Bazaar Konnections is commitment to protect workers wellbeing. Which aims to protect workers income, health and employment.
Bazaar Konnections distributed free COVID fighting kit which includes all the essential medicines required to boost immunity.
Bazaar konnections has also set up a vaccination camp in the facility for all the workers and their family.
We recognize the importance of livelihood of our workers.


Environmental Sustainability

  • Reducing our environmental footprint by investing resource conservation and efficiencyacross water, energy, chemicals and waste.
  • Bazaar Konnections with Sat Kartar Charitable trust plants thousands of trees every year.
  • Bazaar Konnections strive to achieve 100% renewable electricity by Year 2024
  • Using Waste management to reduce waste discharge to the minimum.

Facilities And Support Services

  • Free crèche in every unit with support staff, and nutritious free food
  • Free Medical check ups, free medication and first aid services
  • Bank accounts for every employee
  • Support in applying for relevant government benefits
  • Human Resource team at all units trained in basic counseling skills including behavior change, working with families, and group counseling.